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We make spaces that sound as good as they look. Our style is meant to be sharp and architectural.

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You’ve invested a pretty penny in a great hi-fidelity system, but something still doesn’t sound right to you.

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Dyson Road Studios

Dyson Road Studios commissioned us to perform the acoustic design for a basement studio.

Case Study

Intune Music School

Soundzipper was commissioned by Intune Music School to do the acoustic design for their new music school at Pomo Mall.

Case Study

We provide creative solutions to acoustics problems.

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From the spaces in which we live, learn, work and heal, to those in which we transit, make and play music, shop and dine… architectural and room acoustics is an invisible but powerful element that contributes to quiet privacy and more restful sleep, clearer speech intelligibility, and a much more enjoyable experience all around. Here’s a simple glossary to shed a little light on some acoustical problems, solutions, and commonly used terminology.



If the idea of architectural and room acoustics is something new to you, you might likely wonder – “What difference does it make in my experience of a space?” It’s a sensible and valid question that pops up every so often, so we’ve prepared some samples for you to hear and see how acoustic treatment can alter your experience. Go on, have a look and listen!

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Design with Us

So what’s it like to work with Soundzipper as your very own acoustics specialist? Cross-media designer Eduardo Nunes has broken down the complexities of acoustical consulting with this brilliant and interactive infographic. Discover how easy it is to get started with Soundzipper. Take the first step to realise the ideal acoustical properties of your spaces!

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