Eduardo Nunes


It's a pårty.

Releasefest is Kollegorna's attempt at creating a place for Swedish makers and tinkerers to come together.
We gave it a bright, colorful identity and paired it with a muted, no-nonsense UI. Grymt!


On-line Community

Sweden, 2015
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When not deeply immersed in commercial projects, everyone at Kollegorna enjoys taking the time to tinker with ideas of their own. Releasefest — a community for Swedish professionals working with technology to share new and interesting projects — stemmed from one of these experiments.

Taking all of the time we could find in between client projects, and over the course of roughly six months, we took the idea out of the backburner and turned it into a full-fledged product. We branded it, designed a frictionless UI for it and sent it out into the world of Swedish technology, where it now seeks to inspire creators to keep pushing code that helps change the world for the better.