Eduardo Nunes


A country on a budget.

One could argue that political lingo was conceived to deceive; to conceal that which should be clear.
To avoid letting one more Government Budget go unnoticed, I tried to shed some light on it.

On a Budget

Academic Assignment

Portugal, 2010

Probably one of the most valuable tools under a politician's belt is the ability to conceal information that should be publicly available—and clear enough for most citizens to understand—through careful wording of sensitive matters, often to the point of devoiding human speech of any substance whatsoever.

While portuguese citizens were being told to be prepared for the hard times ahead of them, I thought it would help to make the discussion surrounding Government Budget understandable to everyone. With help from the Pordata platform, I converted the intricate Web of connections that is government spending into a simple visual tale, which I got my good friend Ângelo Milhano to narrate.