Eduardo Nunes


Neverending Story.

Hexaedro is a looping, 360º video-art installation that tells the tale of mankind.
I did a looping, 360º Website that tells that tale's tale.


Videoart Installation Project

Portugal, 2013

Hexaedro is Pedro Vaz's hauntingly beautiful graduation project: a massive installation, consisting of six projection screens sewn together to form an hexagonal prism, without floor nor ceiling, on which a looping, 360º video is projected. Visitors are invited into the prism, from where they can watch the incredible tale of the evolution of mankind unfold, from all sides.

To generate buzz prior to the official premiere of the installation, I offered to develop the project's official Website. Working closely with Pedro, I worked hard to keep the site as close as possible to Hexaedro's core values and visual language. We made a looping, 360º website, that can be dragged infinitely in either direction of the browser, and that works seamlessly across all major devices.